Evaluations of Kordell Norton by the Alberta Chamber of Commerce Executives

Evaluations from Kordell Norton's Presentation

to the

Alberta Chamber of Commerce Executives

July, 2009  - Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada


What an entertaining learning experience.  If the opportunity to see Kordell again I would jump at the chance.


Good stuff about marketing in a humorous and useful way. 


So much fun!  Electron marketing will be used for all of our events.


What did I get out of today?

·         Humor plus energy

·         Fantastic new ideas for marketing and events

·         Make me think outside of the box

·         Interactive process

Made me think outside the box.  Helped me to see where can I take the next event to make it an over the top event. 


Kordell is an informative presenter who keeps the audience attentive and active.  Very entertaining with great, helpful information. 


Very good ideas! I am going to take them to our chamber and re-look at our working with all of our marketing information.  I would love to hear more information from you as well as some info on booking your presentation for a training seminar in my local chamber.


You should meet this guy.  You can learn so much from him.  He understands our business at a very deep level.  He can explain concepts ina way that we can understand  and how to do things differently and better … and have fun at the same time.  Even his jokes are great. 


Kordell is a dynamic speaker that will keep you engaged all day.  I would definitely attend another one of his seminars. 


The “You Can” marketing concept will change my marketing campaigns


His marketing ideas can be applied to any business or event.  His humor is well used to his point across. 


This is a high energy “Gene Hackman” with a marketing passion and flair for sales. 


Kordell is very energetic speaker who can intertwine seemingly unrelated topic together in a humorous and entertaining way. 


Kordell has a unique presentation style that is engaging, entertaining.  He delivers his message with passion in a way that ensures results.

1.       Remember “You Cans” to learn more.

2.       Great Marketing tools.

3.       Testimonials are the greatest things to bring people to your events.   


I’ve been to many seminars, workshop, engagements with high profile motivational speakers over my 29 years as a chamber manager.  This presentation by Kordell is the best session that I have experienced in terms of

1.) Learning new tactics for each area of my business and events.

2.)Great humor

3.) Several ideas that I can immediately implement in our Chamber. 

              Jody Nilsson, Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce

Definitely an out-of- the- box thinker with a focused, proactive message toward the future.  Very funny!


He cares about exciting the group and stimulating their imagination.  A relaxed and sure message with great content and materials.


Kordell is magic!  He really “gets it” when it comes to Chamber of Commerce marketing.  He brought us real and useful ideas for growing our Chamber.


Kordell’s session reinvigorated me to pull out some of the projects on the shelf and finish them .  He put back into perspective that the “You” is what counts – not the “we”.  Makes me want to go on a safari!


Teaches with humor and stories.  Wonderful way to learn!  Great new information.


Humorous, story-telling, cliffhanging idea promoter who packs a punch for business building. 


Uses what he teaches.  Reminds us to use the tools we have and introduce ones we need to develop.