Kordell Norton evaluations from chamber Presentation June 2009


1. What did you find valuable about today’s program?

            Everything Kordell had to say

            Creating a Fresh Start train of thought

            Value of Power and what is important to grow

            Visual, simple to follow, easy to absorb, and entertaining

            Graph – Thought process – great help to change my way of doing business

            A fast-paced, thinking process about change or understanding my role, in a humorous delivery

            Helped me focus and get control of myself

            Different perspective on familiar themes

            He was high energy and quite entertaining.  I will be taking some key points with me to think about.

            The discussion was awesome!

            Kordell is amazing

            Different perspective


2.   What other topics/content would you value?

            How to grow your business even further – expanding Kordell’s points

            Ways to gain access to decision makers

            More of the same

            Time blocking / organization of office and self

            How to apply these principles to people out of work / in transition

            Additional information on services selling as well as relationship building from the ground up (how to get in front of the “right” people.)

            Creative ideas for NEW marketing.

            More sales and marketing