The following represent word for word transcriptions of evaluations from Kordell Norton’s address titled “Changing Status Quo to Status Grow”

Indiana Chamber Executives Association - Spring Conference

February 05, 2008     Sheraton City Centre, Indianapolis


Kordell Norton - Keynote



What did we do today that helped?  What insights will help you improve and get better results?


o    What  causes people to buy = Emotion

o    Branding/testimonials and using them for my marketing materials

o     “You Cans” focus   Very helpful, time well spent!

o    Concentrate on benefits first for events.

o    Putting “You Cans” into email

o    3 words to describe chamber from each board member and then use dots to determine brand.

o     “You Can” terminology/5 senses/ likes attract

o    Let us see how we look to our members and what we need to change

o    Be the first memory file-be the first thing that comes to mind.  Think how customer thinks – what is important to them.  Little customers (rabbit) and big customers (elephants) are needed but sell to them differently.

o    Use more “You Cans” for our customers and new prospects to hear.

o    Promote events/benefits on my voice mail

o    The “You Can” ideas instead of the I/We method.  Motivation.   5 sensing.

o    Talk about “You cans” on new member pack.

o    Ask customer what he wants – Just Ask!

o    Emotion causes motion.

o    Have our members tell us what our brand is.  Start & Stop.

o    Use “You Cans” everywhere.  Testimonials everywhere.  VM

o    Customers want sales growth – bottom line.  Brand is an expectation & becomes an experience.

o    DRASTIC scenario.

o    You Can Marketing.  Making experiences out of events.

o    You Cans.  Create new memory folder.

o    Use testimonials in brochure.   C.A.S.E.  Brand yourself, make more personal appeal to emotions.

o    Focus off us and on member.  Change voicemail.

o    “You Can” voice mail message.  Think/speak/act “You Can”.

o    Change your voicemail.  All about perspectives and what makes “You” unique.

o    The reminder to tell our story from the “You” perspective.    

o    Ah ha!  Perspectives!  You Cans!

o    You Cans, create new memory folders, testimonials on marketing materials.

o    Need to collect and use customer testimonials.  Customers can tell us our brand if we listen.

o    “You Cans” – marketing materials changed to portray different perspective.

o    Email and voicemail tips         

o    Change wording to “You Can”.  Figure out our branding – product statement.

o    You cans with each event promotion.


What do you wish you had gotten more information on?  Do you have any thoughts for Kordell?


o    Excellent speaker – Kordell, you did a super job!  Kept me engaged and involved every minute of your presentation

o    Just what we needed to hear – Great ideas with entertaining delivery, interaction.  Great!!

o    You were very interesting.  We would love more information on bringing you to our Chamber!

o    More time with him in the session.

o    Energetic & Funny

o    Great job!  Definitely learned about how to view things differently.  Suggest you wear “the vest” during whole presentation!

o    Thought-provoking, Entertaining, helpful & practical applications (& hilarious!)

o    Awesome, Entertaining, Very knowledgeable.

o    Extraordinary!

o    Kordell was entertaining while sharing new insight into branding and marketing.

o    I enjoyed the afternoon.  Good job.

o    Great humor – Very appreciated!

o    Entertaining and relevant.

o    Membership drives, retention efforts/ideas.

o    FANTASTIC – Thanks!!  Fun energetic.

o    You were awesome – More of it all!  Right on humor.

o    Great!  Keeps you engaged.

o    Once you get ‘em with the “you cans”, how do you keep ‘em!?

o    Energetic, entertaining, applicable insights.

o    Makes you look at things in a different light

o    Makes sense.  Informative.  Perfect ideas.

o    Concrete examples of applying DRASTIC to chamber programs could have been improved. Maybe next time.

o    Great job!

o    More sharing from other chambers – just ½ more benefit “bounces.”  More on how to make an experience.

o    Kordell has a great sense of humor that he makes part of a serious subject.

o    Explain more start/stop.  Great  Give examples to consider for stops.

o    I ADORE YOU.       Thanks!

o    Great trivial facts.  Entertaining – Informative

o    Kordell did terrific!  A funny man who is not dumb!