Evaluations of clients in Kordell Norton's Sales Training


Global Community College – Sales Training

July 2007 – Tucson, Arizona

Evaluations Summary for Kordell Norton


What part of the sales training did you find the most useful?  What was the most applicable skills and insights you will use to build your business?

·         The Posey Chart – to use for planning. . .to see what others are doing . . . to focus our efforts

·         Listing companies and prospects and sharing.  Good usage of time.

·         Loved the Rabbits versus Elephants sales objectives analogies.  Also the role modeling on sales calls.

·         - EPRS Questions, Consultative Sales, the visuals  to assist in the proposal process, “You Cans”, and reviewing all of our marketing materials to make sure they have “you cans” in them.

·         -EPRS was an easy acronym to drive the interview process and get the vital information needed to set the sale

·         The Posey Grid, Questioning techniques  (the EPRS process)

·         Sales concepts  of hugging the elephant, the 4 P’s of the sales process, working the emotions of the buyer, EPRS and of course Trader Joes versus Aldi’s

·         Specific tips/techniques to apply . . Especially in probing for information.  It was good watching/listening to Kordell probe potential clients.  The colors added to the content!  Charts were great.

·         *EPRS=How to have the conversation, take the notes and lead the customer

·         Comparing what companies our “partners” are working with.  I like the note taking on the sketch pad

·         The Posey Grid

·         Most useful . . .EPRS.  Most applicable to build our business . . . the Posey Grid

·         The sales grid sharing relative cost/project/opportunity of existing versus new customers and products.

·         The Use of the sketch pad with the stages of questions to ask the customer.  Good refresher of sales.  Visual cues were great.  The grids and to see what others are doing


What do you wish we had more time to cover?  And . . . . know and experiencing the past 2 days, would you approach this conference differently?   Would you have sent or brought others?

·         Proposal content and marketing materials for sales.  I would expose the same people to sales training and project management.  ˝ day on each for 2 days.

·         Sales closing techniques and prospecting techniques

·         More on marketing

·         Moving from a commodities based economy to an experience based environment.  This to me is critical in creating and closing a sale with customers.  More time is needed to really explore and apply this methodology.

·         More time on EPRS questioning techniques and more role plays?

·         I plan to read Kordell’s book and learn what I do not know.  Perhaps some reinforcement activities?

·         Practice

·         Tips and Tricks for making the proposal presentation to the customer.

·         More strategy for getting in the door!  More discovery questions.  Practice some customer interviews in small groups (we need practice with feedback to get better)

·         More sharing of what customers we have and who we wish to get with our “partner” schools

·         We were all here!

·         Strategy and position on which customers to go after.

·         Deeper into customer qualification.


What would you tell others about these materials and/or Kordell?

·         Kordell’s materials are practical and easily applied in sales situations.  Theoretical, but applied very easily in a fun and succinct manner.

·         Good investment!  Information you can use.  Practical.

·         Very entertaining!

·         I will have my sales team work though the company/product grid.  Looking for potential training opportunities with Kordell.

·         Kordell is a great guy.  I wish more time could have been spent on learning the skills in group/team/individual projects.

·         Differentiated approaches and materials

·         Good humor & informality

·         Very useful . . . good stuff!!  I want our entire sales team to go through this training.

·         You are very good at presentation.  Very creative, artistic, engaging.  I would recommend you to others without hesitation.

·         Worth the time.  I am considering looking into this training for my own staff.

·         He’s enthusiastic, flexible and talented (he only thinks he’s a sex symbol)

·         Very engaging & entertaining.

·         Fun and informative

·         Worthwhile & productive

·         Fun!!!  Informative.