Evaluations for Kordell Norton from Marketing and Business Growth Workshop for SW Auglaize/St Mary's/Wapakoneta Chambers of Commerce

How did Kordell do as a presenter?   Is he someone others should consider having as a speaker?

·          Kordell told me more in 4 hours about advertising and gaining business than I have read or heard in the last 10 years. 

·         The most gifted speaker I ever had the privilege of listening to.

·         Very informative and educational speaker.

·         Kordell is insightful, full of energy and will get you to look “out of the box” at yourself and your company.

·         He makes for an entertaining and informative speaker . . . at any chamber event.

·         Kordell has real world experience with presentation flair.  His excellent graphics are a plus.

·         Dynamic, interactive, he is sure to not put you sleep and wanting you to learn more.

·         He will show your organization what a Chamber of Commerce is all about.

·         I highly recommend this motivational and “outside of the box” speaker! 

·         Yes!

·         Kordell is someone you want to invite as a humorous speaker.  He will inspire your business to be at it’s best.

·         Dynamic and Motivational

·         Kordell is an excellent presenter.  His topics are relevant, timely, entertaining and educational.

·         Kordell really is a character that everyone will enjoy. 

·         Interesting and lively with practical ideas for running any business.

·         An awesome and motivational speaker

·         Extraordinarily self confident and highly energetic. 

·         Kordell sneaks valuable information to your organization WHILE they enjoy themselves. 

·         Highly energetic.

·         I would strongly encourage you to have Kordell come to your organization to deliver a presentation that will be of great benefit to your members. 

·         Extremely knowledgeable and energetic presenter.  He would be perfect as a speaker at your next major event. 

·         He can move your business thinking forward, upward and to the right. 

·         Kordell brings a bright new view of today’s customer.