1)      Evaluations from MnCCECT Keynote Presentation for Kordell Norton


                 How would you rate the general assembly presenters (Kordell Norton, Dick Enrico)?  Please circle


Excellent = 14             Good = 3                      Fair = 1                        Poor = 0



·         First rate speakers!  I was entertained and educated.

·         Dick spoke too long, Kordell was okay.

·         Kordell was excellent, great ideas and presentation.

·         Kordell was excellent, great presentation – good info.  Dick Enrico was entertaining. Both speakers were enjoyable.

·         Dick was great as was Kordell.

·         Kordell was a great speaker and very enjoyable to listen to.  I didn’t make it to Dick Enrico’s presentation.

·         Kordell Norton, best I’ve seen at MnCCECT

·         Kordell was great! Missed Enrico

·         Enlightening and refreshing!

·         Entertaining, enlightening & informative. Good ideas to implement.

·         Dick Enrico was very entertaining.  A Minnesota business icon.  Good job bringing him in!

·         Both touched on branding yourself & also how to execute, which is very helpful for our jobs as CT reps.

·         Kordell – excellent;  Dick – very good

·         It needed to be shorter and/or faster paced

·         I did not see Dick Enrico, but I very much enjoyed Kordell Norton.

·         Excellent content and humor!

·         Kordell – great review and fun

·         Both were very entertaining, but also gave us good ideas.