The following are unedited evaluations for Kordell Norton's workshops with the Toledo Schools - Career and Technical Programs on recruiting and retaining students held in Oct of 2007


What did we do today that helped?  What insights will help you get better results and improve?

·         What characteristics good teachers have.  I also loved the Newspaper bridge thing.

·         Gained insight in teaching with more passion and understanding

·         Good ideas fro me to use for marketing (great examples) and I am always open to new and creative ideas

· and branding discussion => how to differentiate myself and my program

·         This reinforces what I have been doing.  I decorate my class but very logical and will put more fun into it in the future.  Also the ideas from the other teachers were GREAT!

·         It was NOT boring!   Makes me feel I can be more fun in class.  The You Cnas and websites that I can use

·         Getting the library book about games that trainers play.  I will also check the web site.

·         Feature – Benefit analysis of my program – never thought to market my program with that even though I teach F/B.  I love the Aldi’s & Trader Joes example.  Demonstrated having fun.  Packaging my program

·         You Cans – Image of the program with how the room works.  Reference material

·         You Cans

·         The link between “Features” and You Cans

·         Make learning more fun – Concentrate on “you cans”  - more team building exercises

·         Changing my thinking to “guide on the side” – Teamwork and the importance of working together

·         Reminding me that fun is/needs to be first and foremost – Creating Tiki Huts in my classroom.

·         Layout of room (Tiki Hut) – “You Cans” – DRASTIC – F’s

·         The bridge building project – knowing that referrals are your #1 resource – Examples of DRASTIC was good for each program

·         Bridge project – safety team in the factory example.

·         References (first steps training) or resources – The activities – Psychological aspect of teaching

·         Scotomas – Features & Benefits – The Experience Factor

·         To do an unique ice breaker day one.  Building a bridge would be neat.

·         Project building structure – teamwork . . . website. . .background music – packaging my program – You Cans

·         You cans – Environment/Experience during class


What do you wish you had gotten more information on?  How did Kordell do?

·         Kordell, you’re alright! J

·         Grant monies to help continue the process.  Good job Kordell!

·         More activities – hands on/team stuff. . . . these were great. . . give us more.

·         Everything in general.  Kordell is a very nice speaker and did very well.

·         AWESOME! Thanks!

·         Good information.  I liked the list of recruiting tools and will use them.

·         Brainstorm more You Cans

·         Specific information on what TPS can offer it’s teacher to be successful recruiters.

·         Brainstorm in a group more “you cans) by department

·         Good information!  Kordell did very well and I learned a lot.  Wished we could have done more brainstorming.

·         Kordell did a fine job.  Took a subject that can be drab and made it interesting.

·         Implementation of You Cans

·         DRASTIC

·         Fun class

·         Brainstorm more w/the group about other program ideas.

·         Great – always great, neat stuff

·         More resources for games and starters.

·         The excellent point in manual form – locating resources/ideas (ex connect the dots, the brick) Excellent presentation Kordell!

·         You Cans – You did very well.  Being a brand new teacher everything that you covered will be very useful. 

·         Other teams projects and individual efforts would be great to spend more time on.  Kordell was great.  I would like to know how to work w/administration and local to other wise market program.