Vision & Mission Statement Template and Guidelines

by Kordell Norton, ©copyright 2007, all rights reserved


Creates a picture of the future in the imagination that motivates to action.


*     It fundamentally describes what it will take to win

*     Works as a Guide for the work of the organization

*     Focus on Key Desires

*     What would the world look like with no limiting boundaries

*     A bonus if it evokes or inspires, relays passion and interest

*     It guides decision making and strategy


Bonus - conveys values



Complete the sentence

 “In the future, an effective leader in this organization must. . . . . “







What is missing from the above list?






If you could have 3 wishes for the organization, what would they be?









What would you consider the top three desires of the organization?








Mission Statement


The deep shared values and vision of everyone in the organization.


It often answers the questions:

1.        Why do exist?

2.        Who do we serve?

3.        What do we produce/do?

4.        How do we operate


Guidelines to Mission Statements

·         Understandable and Concise

·         Stated in terms of output versus input or throughput

                “We will be successful when . . . .”

·         Names your customer

·         Names your product or service

·         Should be broad and continuing


A clear, concise statement that indicates who the customer is, what the ultimate outcomes are, what products, services, or relationships the organization provides, and how members of the organization work toward achieving the desired results.  All in 50 words or less. . . .whew.


Who are your customers?





Who are your Stakeholders?





What is your product/service?





We will be successful when? (performance indicators)


















Mission Statement Template





Our Mission is to ________________________________________________________ (serve/provide/create)




for ______________________________________________________________________(customers)




with our ____________________________________ (products/services)




in order to. . .  or. . . that will . . . or . . . by providing  








Marketing Statement Direction Template




_____________________________   is the only _____________________________________




that: ________________________________________________________________________

                                                (does what)



for: _________________________________________________________________________

                                                (for whom)



by: _________________________________________________________________________


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