Evaluations for Kordell Norton after recent presentation to the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Executives Conference - Fall 2007


What did we do today that helped?  What insights will help you get better results and improve?

·         The 3 columns made it easier to evaluate our current chamber practices.  The “You Cans” gave valuable insights to promotion & recruitment processes. 

·         Told us how and where to implement it – You cans – “Your” language

·         I liked the change your voice mail message idea – also adding bullets to email – loved the “you cans”

·         Kordell, you’re great!  I will turn my features into experiences.  I felt full of fantastic, fabulous ideas.  I never had so much fun learning!

·         Turned my focus into the “Experience”

·         Reminded me to think in benefits & you cans – members do not always make the connection between what the chamber does and how it benefits them – everyone in my organization needs to know this stuff!

·         “You Cans”

·         “You Cans”

·         You Cans, general guidance on presentations

·         You cans, benefits vs. features, 3rd column member needs.

·         Focus & identify areas for simple and effective change that cost nothing.

·         “You Cans” & Third Column

·         Very comprehensive and enjoyable marketing/advertising “experience” 

·         Helped me to take things to the next level.  I will use and teach others about “you cans” concepts and indentify future traits

·         The You Can benefits – creating experiences


 What do you wish you had gotten more information on?  How did Kordell do?

·         Wow!  Humor sprinkled over motivation & valuable information!  “You Rock!”

·         Wish we had more time.  Funtastic

·         Would love some statistical information on paper to take with me.

·         Great seminar.  Nothing could have been added . . . you covered everything very well. 

·         How to have my tiny chamber grow.  What exactly does a chamber do?

·         Loved the stories.  I hope this makes your website. . . you were a 10 – walked on water!

·         We needed more time!!

·         I would have like more handouts with points you were covering, more summarizing.  Kordell did great.

·         Marketing.  Kordell’s all right!

·         How to “stop talking”

·         Fabulous!

·         Thank you!