Evaluation Responses for Kordell Norton from "411 ODJFS Conference" 2007

WORKSHOPS Strongly  Agree 5 Agree               4 Neutral   3 Disagree   2 Strongly Disagree    1 NA TOTAL
The content of the workshop will be useful in performing my job 53 14 1       68
The presenter(s) was/were prepared for the workshop 63 5         68
The material was presented in an understandable manner 61 7         68
The hand-outs were useful and easy to read 55 11 2       68
I was able to see and hear the speaker 64 4         68
The workshop was held in a comfortable room with adequate space 62 5 1       68
What did you like most about this workshop? Wealth of info - presented in an entertaining manner.
  Antimated Speaker.
  His humor and aneadotes.
  Practical - humerus.
  Funny, ? Interaction.
  The music in the beginning and it was nice when Kordell went around and greeted everyone before the session began.
  Great - entertaining & informative.
  Excellent speaker; he was energetic, entertaining, educational and left us with a memorable experience.
  Fun - great way to start the day.
  Very entertaining…filled w/great info.
  Involved audience w/everyday situations/products.
  He kept our attention & put real life experiences into one stops.
  Engaging & good message.
  Humor with a purpose - Great!!
  Very intertaining with comedy but with truthful knowledge!! Loved it!
  Kept my attention, Funny.
  Very interesting & ? Experience…Loved handout.
What did you like most about this workshop?  (cont'd) Reminder of our focus.
  Best workshop yet.
  Excellent presenter!!
  The whole thing - got his message across in a humorous way.
  Opening. Great eye opener. Very creative and audience interaction outstanding, great event, exceeded expectations, wonderful experience.
  Great workshop - Kordell was great.
  Stories about brands/products.
  Sense of humor.
  Speaker great!
  Fun learning!
  Very fun - very upbeat.
  Good presenter/good information.
  Humor with the subject of the workshop.
  Superb speaker - excellent application of service content to ?
  The speaker was wonderful. He is very knowledgeable and has lot of good information.
  It was "real", he brought light to our perspectives of our brand recognition.
  The audience participation and inter-action.
  Very interesting presentation. A fantastic presentation & presenter.
What suggestions do you have for improving this workshops? Make it longer - only an hour.
  Have him speak longer!
  More time.
  NA (except maybe more than 1 hour).
  I wish it was longer, because it would have been helpful to hear his marketing  strategies.
  None, except make it longer.
  Give more time - full-day to develop a plan.
  Add powerpoint w/easel…for greater visibility.
  More time on the handout.
  More time.
What suggestions do you have for improving this workshops?  (cont'd) More time.
  Longer more depth.
  More time needed in a workshop like this.
  Longer presentation
  Could be 2 hours.
  There was not enough time to top the resources fo this wonderful speaker.
  Longer time from one hour-two hours.
What topics would you like to see in the future workshops? Do again w/longer time.
  Marketing - Entrepreneurship strategies.
  Marketing of ? Products.
  More from Kordell Norton.
Additional Comments Fatastic! Repeat & encore!
  Thank you! What a way to start a day!
  Would be a great keynote speaker next year.
  This was a really good workshop that offered a lot of useful and helpful information.
  This was an inspirational workshop - mad you think about ways to improve/market - one stop & it's services.
  I enjoyed this workshop very much. I would attend additional workshops w/Kordell Norton.
  Thanks - great time.
  Great experience!!
  Would like to review upcoming workshops - email: purvik@odjfs.state.oh.us.
  Great presenter.
  Really enjoyable.
  Kordell was outstanding presenter.
  Very energetic, easy to understand - enjoyed it.
  Prefer table to write on uncomfortable writing on lap.
  Needs to be longer.
  Best presentation yet in this conference!!!
  Bring him back.
  Excellent workshop.
  Great speaker. Have him back next year.