Referral letter for Kordell Norton from the Heights-Hillcrest Regional Chamber of Commerce

Special note. . . scroll down below the letter for the evaluations from the presentation

Tell us what you found valuable about todayís program.

Entertaining & informative

Great, good handouts; well presented so that all here could use this info for our/my business

Kordellís insights Ė A+ !!!


            How to brand my business

            To market using three top benefits

            Use tag lines on answering machine and in e-mails.

            Material presented in an entertaining & memorable way

            Very educational


            Excellent & Fun!

            Energy level of presenter

            Great useful info

            Very motivational; really liked it

            Re-thinking some of the ways we have presented our services in the past

            How to increase my bottom line.  How to make clients/prospects aware of their needs.

            Kordellís interactive tools during this presentation.

            The workshop atmosphere and the lesson.

            Marketing ideas were stimulating

            Identifying clearly how brands fulfill expectations

            Great experience to hear Kordell