Articles for Top Line Growth

from Kordell Norton

We provide here some articles covering various topics and subjects that can be used by you and your organization.  If you do indeed use these, we ask that you give the appropriate credit with Kordell Norton's name as the author and note that all rights are reserved and please let us know. 


Article from the American Chamber of Commerce Executives - Chamber Executive Magazine

Making your events DRASTIC



Marketing & Branding

Marketing On a Limited Budget - 555 Words

Using Memory Folders to get Mind Share with Your Customers

Catsup Bottles and Your Brand, Your Sales and YOUR Success - 554 Words

What can we learn from catsup bottles in growing your business?

Recruiting Tips, Tricks and Traps - 5134 words

Ways to increase enrollment and attendance at your school

Tips for working a Tradeshow - 330 words

Tips, Trick and Traps for Working Tradeshows

Ye Olde Rules of Marketing - 147 words

Basic tenants of making your sales and marketing stand out

The Power of Partnering - 1496 words

Partnering in a down economy

Customer Satisfaction and Quality - 714 words

10 tips to being a leader in your own growth

Rules for Marketing Materials - Writing Copy and Headlines - 501 words

Here are some simple guidelines for creating advertising and marketing materials.


Sales & Sales Training Articles

When the Buyers is Saying Bad Things . . . it is a Good Thing . . . for YOU (975 words)

The 3 Mental Phases the Buyer goes through

Because of the Wonderful Things He Does . . . . - 1430 words

3 Elements of change that can make your next meeting or event a over the top success

So you want to increase your sales? 1125 words

The 15 Ways to Sell & Prospect

DISC Selling Skills

Methods to identify and then adapt to communication styles

Sell More Stuff!

The 4 Steps Selling Process and the 7 Customer Engagement Phases

The Sales Matrix to Higher Margins

Moving your sales from transactions to consultative partnership with the customer

Prospecting by the Numbers

There are rules to successful prospecting. . . most of those involve numbers. . . .

Hugging An Elephant at Pebble Beach

Account Review Sessions Guidelines with Big Customers

How can you say you're customer oriented if you are not. . . listening?

Listening to the Customer, a cornerstone to business growth

EPRS & The 4 P's of Selling

A graphic of the four steps in a sale and the 4 types of questions to ask customers


Strategy & Leadership

Top Line Growth - What to Focus On

The focus and disciplines needed to grow the top line of an organization

The 7 A's of Change - 1005 words

The mental steps of dealing with the ups and downs of life

Critical Issues - 635 Words

The Guidelines to Focus Your Efforts and Resources

Core Values - A Primer

What research shows to be considered when adopting Core Values

High Execution Planning - The REAL work of a Leader and Manager

The guidelines for a HEP Planning session.

DISC meets TetraMap meets Body Parts

A comparison of DISC and TetraMap and other behavior style profiles

The 5 Ps of Execution

The 5 Factors that impact Execution of a Business Plan

Paretto Was An Optimist

An article on planning and the lack of  . . .

Focus, Focus, Focus

A focus of Management is to manage the focus.

SPOT and Time Management

Using the principles of a SPOT matrix combined with new generation time management

Mission and Vision Statement Worksheet

Template for text based mission and vision statement

The 90 Second Audit

Helping the customer get organized with Audits

Crisis in School Leadership

Think and methods to increase revenues into the education institution.

Pearls and NOT Shooting yourself in the Foot (632 words)

Why Apologies indicate earning power and how to apologize

Event Supercharging Worksheet

This is the worksheet for making your event, experience and turning it into a world class event. 

The Bankruptcy Gap (614 words)

How to position your company and products to compete and win in the market.



Creativity, Innovation and Self Improvement

Brainstorming Guidelines

Concepts to Improve the Brainstorm process

How the Unknown can change the World

How inventions by Gould and Hoff and the Synergy of their organizations changed the world

Storyboarding - New Uses for an Old Tool

The mechanics of Storyboarding in Brainstorming

Don't Drink the Woolite

Why the 4 Levels of Learning May be Holding you Back

Hugging a Gust of Wind - 838 Words

How Creative Business People Capture Creativity and those Game Changing Trends




Sales Tips for Educators

The four simple steps to selling

Focus Group of Students & Parents of Career Tech

Report on 60+ Students & Parents and their thoughts on marketing Tech Prep education


About Kordell Norton - The Top Line Guy

Your organization has a strong interest in the "top line" for growth. As a consultant, speaker, author, Kordell Norton works with corporate, association, education and government organizations who want to focus on branding, sales, marketing, strategic planning/leadership, team building, and customer service.

Kordell was an executive with several multi-billion dollar corporations with executive suite positions in sales, HR, marketing and call centers. As a certified Graphic Facilitator, he uses highly visual processes, along with humor, and entertaining methods for powerful, high energy presentations.

Author of Throwing Gas on the Fire - creating drastic change in Sales and Marketing

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