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Titled – Changing Status Quo to Status Grow – How to increase recruiting and retention using the marketing secrets of big business.


What did you get from this session?  What insights will help you get better and improve?

·         Wonderful ideas to improve my program itself and the “selling” of the program

·         Can Do

·         You, Your, You Cans.  Also, I will go back and add a testimonial to our brochures

·         How to make our programs exciting

·         Where are your “You Cans”

·         Ideas to generate marketing techniques for our programs of study.  Development of our brochures and testimonials by students.

·         Loved the insights on which words to use to get emotion in prospective students.  Emotion=Motion.  Also got a lot from the 4E’s of marketing

·         Insights on how most people think or see

·         This was a great way to explain branding

·         Branding – Emotion – You Can, so I will

·         Created a new way of thinking – uti9lizing students to attract other students – making your shop more inviting

·         I think I will explain my role as Academic Counselor differently when introducing myself to students.  What I can do for them.  Improve/communicate my “brand”.

·         Helped me to know that I have similar beliefs.  I always tell my students “this is your class.  You can make it what want it to be, it’s all about you.”

·         Refreshed marketing principles.  Thanks!

·         The insights about our students and focusing on “you” and “Your”.  Marketing intentionally.  Getting all stakeholders involved.

·         Making it OK to market education

·         Help me redirect my staff.  Help students find confidence by using the words “you, your” in communicating our value.

·         Good ideas to use to improve teaching and connecting with my program

·         Encourage me to be a dynamic speaker like Kordell.  Good analogies and communication!

·         Created excitement.  Possibilites to think about and improve on in the future.  Loved the Prodical Son story.

·         These were great ideas I can directly implement to market my new program. 

·         I loved everything in the handouts/worksheet

·         Appreciated the theory on generations and attitudes. 


How was Kordell’s Presentation. 

·         I love the fact that humor was used to educate the educators.  So often we forget that humor is great to use in our classrooms. 

·         Contact our school to come and do a program (info below)

·         Kordell did GREAT!

·         Wonderful

·         Would have been better with more time.

·         Kordell was extremely entertaining and informative!  Enjoyed this program and learned!!

·         Great!  Made you thin about how you talk and act to deliver your programs. 

·         Very good . .  a great experience.  Many new marketing ideas.

·         Great . . . . this was an awesome experience.

·         Great.  Very interesting.

·         Great job.  Wish we had more time on the Marketing Strategies

·         Would love more information on wrinkle remover.  Kordell did great!  Wonderful story telling/entertaining

·         Kordell did great engaging the audience for the entire seminar time.

·         Kordell was amazing

·         Very enjoyable

·         Very comprehensive

·         “We need Kordell!  Our CTC suffers from not enough BUTTS in the seats.  We need this!”

·         Changing attitudes (using marketing to change the pre-conceived brand images of our “customer”)

·         A fine speaker.  I wish the room acoustics will allow me to hear more of his info

·         Wish you would had a DVD of your presentation to share with the rest of our staff. 

·         Talk about creating change with energy.  This was the presentation for that.

·         More time!

·         I loved the enthusiasm

·         Kordell was wonderful J



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